GEOMETT aims at contributing to the stability of the Mediterranean area by creating a sustainable international network of experts and stakeholders working together for a common and joint vision of the future of social development of the Mediterranean society

Main objective

The main objective of GEOMETT is the scientific cooperation for the analysis and the exchange of good practices on public policies with high transferability potential between countries of the Mediterranean basin.

GEOMETT will facilitate the production of new innovative pathways on social issues contributing to joint development and increasing the common sense of belonging to the Mediterranean society in which all countries can recognize themselves.

European network

The association will provide a capacity-building environment by means of a sustainable European network of experts and stakeholders sharing challenges and experiences to progress in the scientific cooperation on public policy and social welfare.

GEOMETT members will intensively contribute to move forward towards an inclusive and thriving Mediterranean society.

Working Area

GEOMETT will have a principal working area in the countries of the Mediterranean spectrum: Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Monaco and Turkey, and on the Southern shore Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Palestine, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

The work developed by GEOMETT will allow the mediation of solid relations with other areas in the world, among others, the Middle East, China, Latin America, United States of America, Africa and Europe.