At the end of 2016, a preliminary participatory action was held in Valencia with relevant stakeholders from both the Northern and Southern areas, belonging to international organizations, academia, CSOs and private companies, in order to analyse the feasibility and main characteristics that such an initiative might have. According to the results of the workshop, the following suggestions were extracted for the next steps of the GEOMETT building.

Transnational approach

GEOMETT should have a transnational approach and structure, should include the economic approach as a main focus related to social development and welfare. The added value of the initiative relies on its capacity of networking, its geographical coverage, the presence of academia (reliable and highquality products) and its capacity of managing innovation and attracting funds for research, a clear identity and strong leadership.

23 Mediterranean countries

GEOMETT has a general objective to involve the 23 Mediterranean countries. However, it might reach this objective progressively, starting its work with a part of them; private companies will be targeted as participants in the activities promoted by the Think Tank, and potential donors, and they might be involved in an advisory board.

Research projects

Key added values of GEOMETT should be the capacity of managing research projects (added value in terms of reputation, reliability and funding opportunities), the focus on peace, stability and innovation, and the existing links with the Southern area in terms of scientific cooperation.


Funding and independence are the most sensitive and main concern and a strong strategy should be elaborated at this regards. Moreover, a multicultural perspective should be adopted in order to deal with a great cultural and values diversity in the area.